*Climatologist's Toolbox: " So what are some of the tools of the climatologist? How do scientists measure climate or look back in time to see what climate was like long ago? Most importantly, how do they try to forecast what might be in store for the planet?" (

*The Earth Observing System Project (educator's visual materials) - A series of extensively annotated space-based images of the earth and sea, from NASA. Covers global climate change, ozone depletion, deforestation, and land use.

* "Greenhouse Effect: Understanding the Key Issue" from Penn. State Dept. of Earth And Mineral Sciences 

Lesson Plans: 

*NOAA greenhouse gas materials

        Teachers Guide

        Student Workbook

        Answer key

    Middle School:

           Acid Rain 

           Converting Fuels to Obtain Energy

           The Electric Hookup 

            Energy Transformations

   High School:

          Air Pollution: The Issue of Global Warming

          Calculating the Energy of Sunlight 

          Energy: The Issue of Renewable Energy

          Energy Efficient Homes

          Generate Your Own Hydropower 


                                    (from: The Alliance to Save Energy)

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