Educational Databases



*EarthNet: Virtual Resource Center for Earth Science Educators  

*from Network for Change: index of greenhouse gas related articles on the web, some 420 of them. 

     : educational resources on climate change

*University Corporation for Atmospheric Research:                     Education and Outreach: K-12  

*Global Climate Change and Environmental Education ResourcesA multidisciplinary and international range of resources in a variety of formats for educators and students (K-12) From the US Global Change Research Information  Office (GCRIO). 

*Alliance to Save Energy: Educator Lesson Plans

*GSC Atlantic's Earth Science Site of the Week 

*"It's Elementary!"  Database of environmental education materials. Primarily for elementary school students, but good material for middle school as well. (GCRIO)

*EE-Link. Environmental Educators Resources

              - Air and Climate: further links and resources


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*EPA internet links  in PDF Format.

*EPA Climate Change Resources: Tools  in PDF Format.

*EPA Climate Change Resources :Videos (lists, not actual videos online) in PDF Format.









Photo Courtesy of Saul Saila