History/ Social Science

Why is it important to understand the history of climate change - in terms of the science and of human understanding of the phenomena- when we make decisions today about what energy we use, what we eat,  or what products we buy? 


*Athena: Earth and Space Science for Kids K-12:

            History of Climate Change                                

*A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming - This site was developed to help educate, inform and highlight the importance of paleoclimate research; as well as to change. Provided by NOAA.

*Global Warming is Happening: Historical Information 

  • Our Planet Was Once Much Warmer: 75 Million Years Ago 

  • The Last Ice Advance: 20,000 Years Ago

  • Climate Clues: Pieces of the Climate Puzzle

  • Historical Climate Changes: The Past 10,000 Years

  • A Warming Century: The Past 100 Years

                                                            (published by the EDF)

Lesson Plans:

*NOAA greenhouse gas materials

        Teachers Guide

        Student Workbook

        Answer key

   Middle School

         Cost Effective Buying 

         A Home Energy Audit  

          The Formation of Fossil Fuels 

         The Appliance Explosion

                                  (from: The Alliance to Save Energy)

   High School:

         Air Pollution: The Issues of Global Warming

                                  (from: The Alliance to Save Energy)

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Photo Courtesy of Saul Saila