*The Earth Observing System Project (educator's visual materials)  A series of extensively annotated space-based images of the earth and sea, from NASA. Covers global climate change, ozone depletion, deforestation, and land use.

* "Greenhouse Effect: Understanding the Key Issue" from Penn. State Dept. of Earth And Mineral Sciences 

Lesson Plans: 

*NOAA greenhouse gas materials

        Teachers Guide

        Student Workbook

        Answer key

    Middle School:

solar energy experiment

need to fix:

          Converting Fuels to Obtain Energy

          The Electric Hookup 

          Insulation: Keeping Heat In or Out  

          Energy Transformations

     High School:

          Calculating the Energy of Sunlight 

          Energy: The Issue of Renewable Energy

          Energy Efficient Homes

          Generate Your Own Hydropower 

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Photo courtesy of NOAA