Recent Papers

(Additional Papers Listed HERE)

  1. On the Late-Time Behaviour of a Bounded, Inviscid Two-Dimensional Flow [to appear in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics] (link)

  2. Cumulant Expansions for Atmospheric Flows (link)

  3. Feedbacks and landscape-level vegetation dynamics [Trends in Ecology and Evolution 30, 255-260] (link)

  4. Direct Statistical Simulation of a Jet (link)

  5. Hyperviscosity and statistical equilibria of Euler turbulence on the torus and the sphere [Journal of Statistical Physics: Theory and Experiment P07020 (2014)] (link) (pdf)

  6. Direct Statistical Simulation of Out-of-Equilibrium Jets [Physical Review Letters 101, 104502 (2013)] (link) (pdf)

  7. Planetary atmospheres as non-equilibrium condensed matter [Annual Reviews of Condensed Matter Physics 3, 285 - 310 (2012)] (link) or for personal use only you may download the published version at URL

  8. Looking for new problems to solve?  Consider the climate [Physics Trends 4, 20 (2011)] (link) (pdf)

  9. Strong Correlations in Actinide Redox Reactions [The Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 064510 (2011)] (pdf)

  10. Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics via Direct Statistical Simulation [The Astrophysical Journal 727, 127 (2011)] (pdf)

  11. Statistics of the General Circulation from Cumulant Expansions [Chaos 20, 041107 (2010)] (pdf)

  12. Fire in the Earth System [Science 324, 481 (2009) [link]

  13. Statistics of an Unstable Barotropic Jet From Cumulant Expansions [Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 65, 1955 (2008)] (pdf)

  14. Exact Equal Time Statistics of Orszag-McLaughlin Dynamics Investigated Using the Hopf Characteristic Functional Approach [Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P10007 (2005)] (pdf)

(A complete listing of Brad Marston’s papers that are posted on the arXiv can be found here.)