Info for prospective students

I am committed to student research training and working with enthusiastic students is a big motivation for me. If you are interested in the realms of biology I work with, and otherwise fit the bill of having a strong track-record for your stage, and an independent and dexterous nature, ideally with some technical flair, then please read on these pages for more information about my work, and email me. Then, we can discuss what I would expect, and what you should expect, from a student-mentor arrangement.

Current students

Name | degree/project, institution | outcome | currently

Chris Gintof | BSc, independent project, Hofstra University | chewing rhythmicity in fishes | 2 publications, 1 MS in prep, 1 poster, 2 talks | orthopedic implant sales; writing.

Ariel Camp, BSc. Honors, Hofstra University | Biomechanics of salmonid food processing | 2 publications, 2 MS in prep | PhD program at Brown University

Rickard Aabom | BSc, independent project, James Cook University | cranial morphology in marine butterflyfishes | 1 MS in prep | Ph. D. program at JCU

Andrew Luu | BSc. Independent project, Hofstra University | muscle activity during raking in African butterflyfish | 1 MS in prep | applying to medical schools

Sarah Wentzel | MSc. U. Maryland | neck muscle function in head movement | 1 publication | medical school

Shaina (Wahl) Holman | MSc. U. Maryland | muscle function during suckling | 2 MS in prep | Ph.D. student at JHMI

Gregory Kurtz | JHMI (engineering) | cross-correlation signal analyses | 1 MS in prep | computer engineer at Dropbox

Peter Viehl | BSc, independent project, Hofstra University | African butterflyfish behavioral modulation | 1 manuscript | currently applying to dentistry schools

Andrew Matson | Alpert Med. School, Brown | Elastic modulus differences and function of tendon in locomotion | 1 manuscript. 2 posters

Garry Vargas | BSc. Brown | Safety-factors on tendon material properties

Samuel Miller | Alpert Med. School, Brown | training effects on tendon material properties

I mentor two Brown Ph. D. students in electrophysiological techniques and collaborate with them:

Nicholas Gidmark | Brainerd lab | activity, length-tension relationship and function of pharyngognath jaw muscles in fishes.

Jorn Cheney | Swartz lab | activity and function of intrinsic wing muscles during flight and hyoid-mandibular muscles during feeding in bats.


Former students

Name | degree/project | institution | currently

James Moore | independent project JCU | Ph. D. student at JCU

Antoine Teitelbaum | independent project JCU | Aquaculture officer, New Caledonia

Owen Li | independent project JCU | JCU

Belma Krijestorac | BSc. Hofstra | 1 pub in review | law school at St. John's University

Anna Gurevich | BSc. Hofstra | 1 paper in prep | vet school at U. Arizona

Paul Doherty | MSc. Hofstra | Ph. D. student at UC Merced

Matt Ajemian | MSc. Hofstra | Ph. D. student at U. Alabama, Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Jason van Eron | MSc. Hofstra | High School teacher

Scarlet Watts | MSc. Hofstra | Director of Marketing and Outreach at Medicare Rights Center

Josh Foronda | MSc. Hofstra |

Lee Clarici (Tokonitz) | MSc. Hofstra | Education Coordinator, NJ Academy for Aquatic Sciences

Jackie Thrasher | MSc. Hofstra | Dance instructor, Charleston, SC.

Margarita Katz | BSc. Hofstra | at Sloan Kettering

Melissa McGuire | BSc. Hofstra | Georgetown University Medical School

Robin Petrizzo | BSc. Hofstra | NYCOM medical school

Vanessa Molina | BSc. Hofstra

Tom Olsen | U. MSc. Maryland | 1 paper in prep.

Lee Stevens | BSc. Brown

Ozge Gencler | BSc. Brown | Undergraduate reseach, Witman lab, Brown University

Justin Bacheller | BSc. Brown


If you are on this list without info, please let me know what you're up to!