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These modules are part of the geriatrics virtual curriculum developed at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Each was designed to be part of a study guide for a virtual patient case depicting an older person, but some of them, such as the introduction to aging and the module on falls, work equally well on their own. The others are case discussions that relate to specific problems presented by the virtual patients.

The modules were produced by Stephen R. Smith, MD and by the Brown University Student Technology Assistant (STA) Program, coordinated by Giovanna Roz, CIS Instructional Projects Coordinator. Stephen R. Smith M.D., three times recipient of a Brown Instructional Technology (BIT) Grant, wrote and directed the module development for both the Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research at Brown and the International Virtual Medical School (IVIMEDS).

Funding support for this ongoing project is offered by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.