Professor Kristie J. Koski


Professor Kristie J. Koski joined the Brown University Department of Chemistry in 2013. Previously she held postdoctoral positions at Stanford University and Arizona State University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009. She completed her bachelors of science degree in both chemistry and physics at the University of Wyoming in 2002.

-Brown University Research Profile

Professor Koski is from a small town in Wyoming, the big box in the middle of the US where the cows outnumber the people 3:1. The cows also come in Oreo striped (because apparently it makes sense to Cowboys... cookies and milk).

She grew up around some of the most amazing rivers, hot springs, and mountains in the country. It’s given her a strong appreciation for the awesome, unbeatable force that is nature. She loves the outdoors - rockclimbing, surfing, skiing, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking.
Some of her more interesting feats are:
(i) Surfed a 22ft wave
(ii) Medalled in every surf kayaking contest I’ve competed in
(iii) Climbed Devil’s Tower
(iv) Rappelled off Piton’s Perch
(v) Rescued by the Maverick’s tow-in crew during Maverick’s XXL
(vi) Kayaked the Scottish Hebrides and the Hawaiian Na Pali Coast
(vii) Climbed my first 5.10 during a blizzard
(viii) Wrecked a mountain bike on the Turtle Rock Trail
(ix) Backpacked the Grand Canyon

"I am fearless. I live furiously. I do epic stuff. It’s awesome fun!"
-Professor Kristie J. Koski