Dr. K.J. Koski and Dr. H. Kesari are awarded a prestigious Brown University Seed Award to investigate their project entitled "Non-Invasive Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Biological Materials." Congratulations Koski and Kesari!


Undergraduate students Frank Chung and Karen Chen presented their research at the 16th Annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference, a conference sponsored by the Northeastern Section of the ACS and the American Chemical Society. Congratulations Karen and Frank!


Frank Chung is awarded a NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Research Scholarship. Congratulations Frank!


Maria Victoria Moreno and Frank Chung are awarded the Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award for the summer of 2014. Congratulations Maria Victoria and Frank!


The Koski Group welcomes Dr. Sean Keuleyan, who completed his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Chicago!


Dr. Koski presented at the BRIC-32, one of the most exciting inorganic colloquium in the Boston Area!