Koski Group Research Overview

The Koski group is a Materials Chemistry Group. Our current projects are below:

Novel 2D Materials Chemistry

A 2D layered material consists of a series of tightly bonded layers one to five atoms thick alternating with van der Waals gaps. These gaps can serve as hosts for a variet of intercalant guests. We are currently developing new synthesis of chalcogenide and oxide 2D layered nanomaterials using vapor-liquid-solid, vapor-solid, hydrothermal, solvothermal, and colloidal growth methods.For greater chemical control, we are also developing a series of novel intercalation chemistries such as intercalation of zero-valent metals and chemical synthetic routes to alter 2D material properties in-operando.

Opto-Mechanical Properties of Materials

Brillouin laser light scattering is a non-invasive laser light scattering technique that can measure the sound velocity of a material. We are currentlyusing Brillouin scattering to measure the mechanical properties of a variety of materials. We are also developing new Brillouin scattering methodologies to detect scattering from a variety of difficult to measure samples including 2D layered nanomaterials.

Phase Transitions in 2D Materials.

Phase transitions in materials are essential in variety of technological applications ranging from phase change memory to chromism. Using in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and in-situ optical techniques, we are investigating the range of phase transitions in 2D layered nanomaterials.