Joining the Ramachandran Lab


PostDoctoral Fellows

There are positions available for postdoctoral fellows to join the lab.  Applicants must have a background in theoretical population genetics with experience analyzing data, or a quantitative background (e.g., statistics, computer science) with a desire to do research in genetics and evolutionary biology.  Programming skills and proficiency in unix-based computational environments is desirable.  Successful candidates may develop projects related to any of the lab’s research topics.  

Informal inquiries as well as applications (consisting of a CV, copies of relevant publications, and contact information for at least two references) should be emailed to Sohini Ramachandran.

Graduate Students

The Ramachandran lab is recruiting prospective PhD students interested either in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology or the Center for Computational Biology.  For information, email Sohini Ramachandran and see: (EEB) (CCMB, see “Applying to the PhD program”)


Undergraduates interested in pursuing research in the lab should ideally have taken at least one semester of programming (e.g. CS150 or CS170) at Brown; familiarity with Unix utilities, Perl, and/or R is a plus.  Email Sohini Ramachandran about joining the lab, and also note that UTRAs can fund undergraduate researchers for a semester or the summer (