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Brown University's program contains six cores. The Administrative Core provides the infrastructure to promote communication, critical self-evaluation and resource management. The Analytical, Molecular Pathology and Training Cores support our research projects. The Research Translation Core, in cooperation with the Community Outreach Core, will facilitate the flow of knowledge and information among the participating academics, government leaders and community members in a university-state-community partnership.

Administrative Core Administrative Core
Leader: Kim Boekelheide, M.D., Ph.D.
SRP Program Manager: Linda Covington

Research Translation Core Research Translation Core
Leader: Eric M. Suuberg, Sc.D., P.E.
Co-Leader: Phil Brown, Ph.D.
Co-Leader: Terrence Gray, P.E.
Co-Leader: Robert R. Vanderslice, Ph.D.
Engineering State Agencies Liaison (ENGSAL): James Rice, Ph.D.
Environmental Health State Agencies Liaison (EHSAL): Marcella Remer Thompson, Ph.D.

Molecular Pathology Core Molecular Pathology Core
Leader: Robbert Creton, Ph.D.

Community Engagement Core Community Engagement Core
Leader: Phil Brown, Ph.D.

Training Core Training Core
Leader: Agnes Kane, M.D., Ph.D.