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DONALD REGAN (5) - Profile

“(Reagan) was nominated at one time for an Academy Award, but I would give him an Academy Award if he knew anything about this,” said Donald Regan, the president’s former chief of staff.  (Regan was wrong in saying that the former actor once had received an Oscar nomination, but he made his point.)  Reagan was shocked when he learned about the Diversion, but he signed off on the shipment of arms to Iran, Regan stated.  He testified that the president understood that dealing with Iran would mean negotiating with “unsavory characters,” but Reagan was willing to make the arms-for-hostage transfer until it became apparent that Iran was not living up to its end of the deal.  Regan also revealed that the president “shot down right away” the idea of preemptively pardoning former National Security Advisor Adm. John Poindexter or Lt. Col. Oliver North.  Later, Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA) asks why the president was under the impression that Iran was losing its war with Iraq when that was the government’s position at the time.  The administration wanted the war to end in a stalemate, but Regan recalled that nobody corrected Reagan on his view of Iran’s power.