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GEORGE SHULTZ (7) - Profile

Secretary of State George Shultz clashed with the rest of the Reagan administration so much that he threatened to resign three times.  Yet, his disagreement regarding Iranian policy did not prompt him to speak out or actually resign.  Appearing with no lawyer, the secretary of state testified that then-National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane only told him about the arms-for-hostages plan as it was developing.  Shultz said that Reagan was insistent that the hostage release not be held back by small legal issues; however, he told the committee, then-National Security Adviser John Poindexter and the late CIA Director William Casey did not provide the president with all the facts.  Even when Reagan gave a press conference on Iran arms sales in November 1986, Shultz told him that they had been “deceived” and that Reagan was still being kept out of the loop.  Sen. George Mitchell (D-ME) riled the secretary of state when he asked if Reagan was keeping him “in the dark.”  Shultz then became engaged with Rep. Michael DeWine (R-OH), who told him that he allowed himself and the president to be kept “out of the game.”   Defiantly, Shultz responded, “I will just say that is one man’s opinion and I don't share it.”