Hearings Timeline

  • The televised hearings ended on August 3. The committee heard several additional witnesses, and it recalled several others in the coming weeks, including Rodney McDaniel the NSC staff member who took notes at the president’s daily intelligence briefings, and Michael Ledeen, a former consultant to the NSC. Most notably, the committee heard three additional witnesses in closed session on August 4-7: Duane (Dewey) Clarridge, the CIA count-terrorism chief, Alan Fliers, CIA Central America Task Force chief, and Clair George, CIA director of covert operations. Portions of Clarridge’s testimony were declassified and released a few weeks later. Portions of Flier’s and George’s testimony were released shortly thereafter.
  • May 5-8: Opening statements, Secord

    May 11-14, 19: McFarlane, Sigur, Owen

    May 20-21, 27-28: Calero, Rodriguez et al.

    • Opening statement by Calero
    • Calero on arms payments
    • Calero on Reagan, Casey
    • Rodriguez on Bush meeting
    • Rodriguez on Bush meeting2

    May 29: Castillo

    June 2-5, 8-9: Abrams, Hakim, Hall et al.

    • Abrams on “monitor[ing] Ollie”
    • Abrams on soliciting Brunei
    • Abrams arguing with Rep. Brooks
    • Abrams and Sen. Nunn on how to operate government
    • Abrams and Sen. Inouye on being “immoral”
    • Hakim on “B. Button” and North's death insurance
    • Hakim on his “love” for North
    • Hakim on North and the hostages
    • Hakim on North's use of Reagan's name
    • Hakim on war with Russia
    • Hakim told by Sen. Inouye of the “drastically wrong” situation
    • Hall on Swiss bank account number
    • Hall on altering documents
    • Hall on hiding documents under her clothes
    • Hall talks to Sen. Boren about shredding
    • Hall talks to Rep. Foley about going “above the written law”

    June 23-25: Robinette et al.

    July 7-10, 13-14 North

    • North being “here to tell it all”    
    • North on shredding  
    • North on more shredding    
    • North on the signed arms-for-hostages Finding
    • North on countries who wanted to donate  
    • North on Reagan's knowledge of private fundraising  
    • North on the “neat idea” of the Diversion  
    • North on his family's safety  
    • North on Casey's knowledge    
    • North on who in the Cabinet knew what    
    • North on the democratic process and “difference between lives and lies”
    • North on why he's not lying now    
    • North on getting fired and covering up the Diversion
    • North on shredding embarrassing documents    
    • North's lawyer objecting to “dreamland” scenarios  
    • North on Reagan's “body and soul” request  
    • North on plausible deniability   
    • Sen. Hatch on covert operations    
    • Sen. Rudman on what the people want  
    • North's final statement  
    • Rep. Hamilton on patriotism  
    • Sen. Inouye on military ethics and the Nuremberg Trials   

    July 15-17, 20-21: Poindexter

    • Poindexter on destroying the Finding  
    • Poindexter on Reagan's knowledge of selling arms to Iran    
    • Poindexter on keeping Reagan unaware   
    • Poindexter on Boland's application to NSC    
    • Poindexter on what Reagan approved    
    • Poindexter on Reagan's knowledge of North's activities  
    • Poindexter “not recall[ing]” anything    
    • Sen. Trible asking Poindexter about the Naval honor code    
    • Rep. Hamilton on where the “buck stops”    

    July 23-24, 28-29: Shultz and Meese

    • Shultz on opposing arms for hostages    
      Shultz on Reagan's insistence on hostage recovery    
      Shultz on advisers misleading Reagan    
    • Shultz on Reagan's response to press conference  
    • Shultz on Casey's power grab    
    • Sen. Mitchell asks Shultz whether Reagan kept him out of loop    
    • Rep. DeWine asks Shultz why he kept himself unaware    
    • Meese statement on internal investigation  
    • Meese on what Poindexter and the White House knew  
    • Meese on Boland's applicability to the NSC    
    • Sen. Rudman asks Meese why Reagan did not talk to Poindexter or North    
    • Sen. Mitchell asks Meese about not taking notes (4 pages)
    • Sen. Mitchell asks Meese about not securing documents  
    • Sen. Nunn asks Meese about his gathering of information   

    July 30-31, August 3: Regan, Weinberger, closing statements

    • Regan on “oil drilling” as cover story  
    • Regan on Reagan's lack of knowledge    
    • Regan on Reagan's immunity decisions    
    • Sen. Nunn questions Regan on wanting neither side to win Iran-Iraq War    
    • Weinberger on not dealing with Iranian moderates    
    • Weinberger on Iranian relationship    
    • Sen. Nunn questions Weinberger on lack of Cabinet communication    
    • Closing statement by Rep. Cheney    
    • Closing statement by Sen. Rudman  
    • Closing statement by Rep. Hamilton    
    • Closing statement by Sen. Inouye   

    August 4-6: Clarridge and George