Mr. LIMAN: Now, as I understand your testimony, you said that you set this account up because — and I quote from yesterday — "because you became emotionally very attached to Ollie," and you still are, "and I really love this man." Do you remember that?

Mr. HAKIM: Yes. I really would like to elaborate on that, Mr. Liman if I can.

Mr. LIMAN: I will let you, but I would like you to answer some questions first.

Mr. HAKIM: The answer is yes.

Mr. LIMAN: The account was set up in May; is that so?

Mr. HAKIM: Yes, sir.

Mr. LIMAN: Is it a fact that you met Colonel North for the first time in the end of February?

Mr. HAKIM: Yes. I also testified that I got to learn about him through General Secord prior to that time.

Mr. LIMAN: Is it a fact that the first time you met him was the end of February?

Mr. HAKIM: Yes.

Mr. LIMAN: Is it a fact that you had very little personal contact with him between the time that you met him in Frankfurt in the end of February and the time you set up this account?

Mr. HAKIM: You are correct, sir.

Mr. LIMAN: So, would it be a fair description, to use your term of "love," that this was love at first sight?

Mr. HAKIM: You are incorrect on that, sir.

Mr. LIMAN: And now you can give your explanation.

Mr. HAKIM: Through the description of General Secord, I learned about a man that I was very anxious to meet, and the fact that it took until late February to meet him, it was a disappointment to me. And when I met him I discovered that the description of General Secord of Colonel North was accurate. I came to learn about the man even during this February meeting in Frankfurt—that he works around the clock, he doesn't care about when he eats or he does eat or doesn't eat. I saw a man dissipating so much love for his country and his associates that the radiation of that love—it really immediately penetrated through my system. I saw so much sincerity, so—I was acclimated, Mr. Liman, for this encounter. So, when I saw what I saw, it fell quite in line with what I had heard.