Mr. LIMAN: And this proposal which called for the release of all of the American hostages was not accepted at that meeting; am I correct?

Mr. HAKIM: That's correct. They didn't find this within their power to achieve and they did not want to lie like the past.

Mr. LIMAN: And when you say they didn't want to lie like in the past, you understood that in the past they had promised that the hostages would be released, or at least some of them had promised?

Mr. HAKIM: My understanding was that during the life of the first channel, Mr. Ghorbanifar would tell everything that the Americans wanted to hear.

Mr. LIMAN: And they heard what pleased them?

Mr. HAKIM: Correct. There is no question about that.

Mr. LIMAN: But even at this late date, which is October, after you had been working on this second channel since July, Colonel North still was contemplating that all of the hostages would be released; correct?

Mr. HAKIM: Colonel North not only had the desire of re-establishing the relationship with Iran, it did not for a moment leave his mind the American hostages being kept in Lebanon. That was in his mind at all times.

Mr. LIMAN: Did he tell you that he was under political pressure to get them released?

Mr. HAKIM: He did not have such a discussion with me, but that was my definite impression and understanding, that that was the case.

Mr. LIMAN: Well, what gave you that impression?

Mr. HAKIM: When we got closer to the time for the elections, my understanding was that Colonel North wanted to remove this obstacle for the purpose of enhancing the President's position.

Mr. LIMAN: Well, did you reach the conclusion and so testify to it that you believed that his—North's prime objective was to get the hostages released in time for the elections?

Mr. HAKIM: I would say this would be unfair to say that it was his prime objective. But definitely he was trying to achieve that goal.

Mr. LIMAN: If you look at page 202 of May 31, would you tell me whether you testified that that was your impression of Colonel North, namely that it was his prime objective to get the hostages released in time for the election? Mr. JANIS. Could we just have a moment?

Mr. LIMAN: Sure. It begins at line 14.

Mr. HAKIM: I've read that, sir.

Mr. LIMAN: Was it true what you testified?

Mr. HAKIM: What I testified is correct, sir, but my understanding of your question is different than the context that is in my deposition. Here I am advising Colonel North that his strategy for negotiation is wrong. Colonel North wanted to achieve—as I earlier testified a few moments ago—he wanted to achieve both. And I told him, as I testified here, that this is a wrong approach to put his emphasis and show as his prime objective the release of hostages. I told him, as I testified, he should low key that and he should put his attention more on the long-term relationship.

Mr. LIMAN: Mr. Hakim

Mr. HAKIM: There is no question Colonel North wanted to get the hostages out as quickly as possible.

Mr. LIMAN: Mr. Hakim?

Mr. HAKIM: Yes, sir.

Mr. LIMAN: If you misspoke at your deposition, you can so state. Mr. JANIS. Well, I think

Mr. LIMAN: Would you look at that passage and tell me whether or not that statement is still something that you stand by? If it is, I will read it. If it is not, I won't.

Mr. HAKIM: You should read the whole thing, sir. If you want to, go back. You are taking part, only a small part of my whole testimony in connection with this subject. Let's go further.