Mr. EGGLESTON: OK. And as a secretary, you saw your boss shredding documents, I take it you thought this was something that was more appropriate for a secretary to do rather than for Colonel North, and as a result, you offered to help him.

Ms. HALL: That is correct.

Mr. EGGLESTON: Did he at that time tell you that this was something you should not get involved in?

Ms. HALL: No.

Mr. EGGLESTON: He didn't tell you, "Fawn," or "Ms. Hall," whatever he called you, "go home, don't worry about this, this is nothing you should have anything to do with?"

Ms. HALL: No. I was part of the team.

Mr. EGGLESTON: So he permitted you to participate with him in shredding this stack of documents?

Ms. HALL: Yes, sir.

Mr. EGGLESTON: Let me now just move to November 25. I take it you have testified that you watched the press conference, you had lunch, you came back from lunch, there came a time when Brenda Reger, the NSC security officer, was packing up the office, putting boxes away, at that time you recognized or saw that these altered documents and the copies of them were still on top of your desk9

Ms. HALL: That is correct.

Mr. EGGLESTON: And this caused you some concern, and there comes a time when you communicate with Colonel North, and I think that you testified that in your time that you called him you attempted to convey to him that there was a problem with the documents.

Ms. HALL: I attempted to convey to him that there was a problem with documents, yes. As I testified before, I was talking in a whisper and not really saying anything over the phone. I mean, in graphic terms. It was—it was very, sort of vague, but I was trying by the tone of my voice to get across that there was some urgency and that I insisted that he come back.

Mr. EGGLESTON: In any event, you at least conveyed there was something going on in the office and that he simply had to return.

Ms. HALL: Yes, I did.

Mr. EGGLESTON: After that conversation, you go upstairs and secrete the documents about your person, and about that time Colonel North does show up?

Ms. HALL: That is correct.

Mr. EGGLESTON: You had a conversation with him inside of his office?

Ms. HALL: Yes.

Mr. EGGLESTON: And did you indicate to him at that time that you had documents in your back?

Ms. HALL: Yes, I did. I don't think I indicated to him that they were in my boots, but I did turn slightly and say, "Do you notice that I have them in here; can you tell? I'm unable to see that I have these in my back." That was the idea, and he said, "No".