Mr. BARBADORO: So you told the Vice President about what you were doing in conjunction with the government of that Central American country in dealing with the insurgents; is that right?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: That's correct, sir.


Mr. RODRIGUEZ: And I showed him the album that had to do with my operation there. I want to make clear that at no point in any of this conversation did I ever mention doing anything that was remotely connected to Nicaragua and the Contras.

Mr. BARBADORO: You anticipated my next question, Mr. Rodriguez.

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: I knew you were coming to that.

Mr. BARBADORO: Let's be sure we are clear on that. Did you say anything to Vice President Bush about your activities on behalf of this resupply operation?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: No, sir, not to him or anyone on his staff.

Mr. BARBADORO: Did you say anything to Vice President Bush about what Colonel North was doing in connection with the resupply effort?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: No, sir, not at all.

Mr. BARBADORO: Why didn't you discuss this with Vice President Bush?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: I didn't see a reason why to discuss it when I went to the area that I went was for something completely different. Now this has become a big issue. At the time it was just—it wasn't that important. I didn't feel that it was my duty to tell him—or anybody else, for that matter.