Mr. BELNICK: On the next day, the 19th, the President was set for a press conference that evening, and your record reflects that you spoke to' the President earlier in the day before the press conference and told him, "We've been deceived and lied to and you have to watch out about saying no arms for hostages." Do you recall that meeting with the President before the press conference?

Secretary SHULTZ: Yes. That was-I think it was one of my regular meetings, and I used the meeting to focus on this, and I think it was at that meeting the President said to me, he said, "You are telling me things that I don't know, that are news to me." And I remember saying, "Well, Mr. President, I don't know very much, but if I am telling you things that are news to you, then you are not being given the kind of flow of information that you deserve to be given.”