NORTH: At some point along in there, either General Secord raised with me or I raised with him this threat, and I told him I couldn't get U.S. Government protection; I couldn't find a contractor to come out and do it myself; and he said, "Don't worry about that, I have got a good friend, or an associate"—I don't remember the words— "who is an expert. This guy has a company that does these things."

And he shortly thereafter, I believe it was around the 5th of May, introduced me to Mr. Glenn Robinette. He was introduced to me as a man who, one, had been a former CIA, or perhaps I understood at the time FBI, I don't remember, technical expert; a man who owned a security company and a man who could immediately go out and do a survey and an estimate.

He did. Over the course of the next few days, he went out to my home, I called my wife or told my wife, whatever, that he would be out and went through the situation. And he came up with an estimate of $8,500 max, as I recall it was $8,000 to $8,500, and he could furthermore immediately install the system.

Now, I want you to know that I would be more than willing—and if anybody else is watching overseas, and I am sure they are—I will be glad to meet Abu Nidal on equal terms anywhere in the world. OK? There is an even deal for him.

But I am not willing to have my wife and my four children meet Abu Nidal or his organization on his terms. And I want you to know what was going through my mind. I was about to leave for Tehran. I had already been told by Director Casey that I should be prepared to take my own life.

I had already been told that the Government of the United States on an earlier proposal for a trip, might even disavow the fact that I had gone on the trip, on an earlier proposal, and we can come back to that at some time, if you like.

And so haying been—having asked for some type of U.S. Government protection for my wife and children, and having been denied that, and perhaps for fully legitimate reasons and if there is a law that prevents the protection of American Government employees and their families from people like Abu Nidal, then gentlemen, please fix it, because this kid won't be around much longer, as I am sure you know, but there will be others, if they take activist steps to address the problem of terrorism, who will be threatened. And I would like to just, if I may, just read to you a little bit about Mr. Abu Nidal just so you know my mental state at the time. "Abu Nidal, the radical Palestinian guerrilla leader, linked to last Friday's attacks in Rome and Vienna"—that was the so-called Christmas Massacre in which 19 people died and 200 were wounded—"is the world's most wanted terrorist." That is the Christian Science Monitor.

When you look at his whole career, Abu Nidal makes the infamous terrorist Carlos look like a Boy Scout. Abu Nidal himself, quoted in Der Spiegel, "Between America and us, there exists a war to the death. In the coming months and years, Americans will be thinking about us." "For sheer viciousness, Abu Nidal has few rivals in the underworld of terrorism." Newsweek.

Our own State Department, and we have copies of these that we can make available for insertion in the record, but the State Department summary on Abu Nidal, not exactly an overstatement,

notes that his followers, who number an estimated 500, have killed as many as 181 persons, and wounded more than 200, in 2 years. Abu Nidal does not deny these things. We also have an exhibit that we can provide for you that shows what Abu Nidal did in the Christmas Massacres. One of the people killed in the Christmas Massacre—and I do not wish to overdramatize this—but the Abu Nidal terrorists in Rome who blasted the 11-year-old American Natasha Simpson to her knees, deliberately zeroed in and fired an extra burst at her head just in case.

Gentlemen, I have an 11-year-old daughter, not perhaps a whole lot different than Natasha Simpson. And so, when Mr. Robinette told me on or about the 10th of May that he could immediately install a security system, I said please try to keep it to the 8,000 to 8,500. I am, after all, a Marine lieutenant colonel, and I live on my salary; and he installed that system.