The BOLT Mission Statement

BOLT is committed to leadership and development, the environment, education, and community. Central to BOLT's success is the emphasis we place on the interconnectedness of these core elements.


BOLT believes that effective leadership can be learned and practiced through the processes of group experience, conflict resolution, and reflection. We provide participants and leaders with opportunities to experience and experiment with different leadership styles in both wilderness and community settings. We affirm the belief that everyone is a leader, can be a leader, and at times, must be a leader.


The challenges and unpredictability inherent in nature facilitate the emergence of responsibility for personal and group needs. We recognize the learning potential that exists in outdoor experiences and respect the dynamic relationship that humans have with the environment. BOLT encourages a positive environmental ethic and practices low impact camping.


We believe that education should be challenging, applicable, and fun. BOLT focuses on experiential learning through the development and practice of outdoor skills.


We value diversity, integrity and individuality while recognizing that our strength lies in our ability to work together. We believe people who engage in a successful outdoor group experience have the ability to create a strong and supportive community.