Welcome back to BOLT!

We hope that you're happy and well.

We are very excited about our program this semester, and thankful for your support.

If you moved (or are on the move) and we missed finding you this year, you'll find the past issues of the January newsletter below, as well as several other fun internet goodies!

Don't forget to send us updates on your wherabouts and life news -- send us email Boltmanagers@gmail.com or send us a postcard to: BOLT, Box 1930, Providence RI, 02902.

We welcome your support through helping hands, donations - financial or fleece, job postings for our leaders or BOLTers, yummy baked goods, hmmm, the possibilities are endless.

Save the Date for our Annual Reception!

Saturdays 5-7pm after the Baccalaureate Address each year




Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 5-7pm
BOLT Reunion and Commencement Reception
Machado House at 87 Prospect Street
Residence Hall Accommodations - reservations open in March each year.

A Bit of BOLT Nostalgia

Here are a few things we dug up from the archives.

Slideshow Fall 2012


Slideshow 2011

Slideshow 2002

On-line Newsletter (on-going updates)


Print Newsletters (our annual January mailings)