BOLT Needs Your Help

Alumni and parent donations are always critical to the success of BOLT. We truly appreciate your help with supporting the program each year!

Every year, our program depends on funding provided by BOLT parents, alumni and friends to allow us to offer financial aid to our BOLTers and our Leaders, continue our backpacking and hiking trips, improve the quality of our fall programming events, maintain our ability to lend out equipment and improve the quality of leader training. Without your support, we would not be able to offer BOLT as an opportunity for students at Brown.

We have two gift accounts that our donors may choose to support.

Your Support Matters

This year, we were able to offer a variety of Fall Program events and workshops, including small group gatherings, two leadership workshops led by our student leaders, "Family Group" events (4 BOLT groups combined), traditions such as our BOLT Wars (a spin off the first year Unit Wars field day) a slide show and a Thanksgiving Celebration for all-BOLT, all years. With your help, we can continue to add new events to our schedule, growing the BOLT community at Brown and beyond.

We were able to ensure that participating in BOLT is need-blind, meaning that we are able to offer financial assistance to our BOLTers (participants) and our Leaders.

Each year our BOLTers have needed an average of $6,000 in financial assistance for participation fees. Our Leaders obtain their national certifications in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), wilderness first aid (WFA) and wilderness first responder (WFR) prior to leading a trip and we average about $1,200 in financial assistance in requests to assist with course fees.

Each year, we also replace worn and damaged gear -- both group gear and individual loaner gear (rain gear, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks).

We are truly grateful to our leaders, alumni and parents for their support in our efforts to secure BOLT's future at Brown!

Donations using Brown's Secure (Official) Website:

To provide a financial gift through using Brown's Advancement Office's secure site, click on Brown Giving and follow these specific instructions:

1. Click "give now" on the right side of the screen.

2. The Critical Step for directing your gift to support us is to select between two funding choices and add our program name in the text box:

A. "Other Current-Use Priorities."

      1. Select the third box "Other (i.e. Brown Medicine Magazine)."
      2. Type in "Brown Outdoor Leadership Training (BOLT)."

B. Endowment Gifts

      1. Select "Add to an Existing Endowment Fund"
      2. Type in "Brown Outdoor Leadership Training (BOLT)."

3. Continue through the rest of the pages to input your gift amount, contact information, and credit card details.

4. Please do not hesitate to contact the managers with any questions, technical issues, or questions.



Current Use Gifts

We rely on a collection of about 100 gifts each year that provides $5,000-$6,000 in "current use" support. This is funding that is immediately available for program use towards current needs. Our ability to provide BOLTer and Leader financial aid is based on our current use gifts from our family and friends.


Endowment Fund

A number of years ago, BOLT began building an endowment with the goal of establishing the program's sustainability in a permanent way for future generations of leaders and participants.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

As of August 2014, Our endowment has a book value of $390,266 which holds a market value $486,591 and its annual yield (interest earned) permanently supports our operating costs including the calendar of fall events, leader training, leader financial aid for wilderness certification courses, gear replacement and our general operating costs. The current annual yield available to support the program from this fund is $22,066.


More Fun Ways to Support Us

We also welcome your support in other ways that really help. It is always wonderful to feel your support.

  1. Host an alumni gathering or hike in your area.
  2. Send us warm, fuzzie items, i.e. fleece. Gently used items for our "auction collection"  help keep costs down for participation. We loan out items before each trip. We love to receive your care packages with warm items and non-cotton clothing items.
  3. Share with us a great trail recipe that we absolutely need.
  4. Send us great BOLT pictures for our archives that we may be missing.


To donate by mail, please send us a note or card with a check:

c/o Student Activities Office
Box 1930
Providence RI 02912

Checks may be made payable to "Brown University," with the memo reading "BOLT endowment fund" or "BOLT current use." We will submit this to the gifts office, which will ensure that you will receive a letter from the University with a donation letter for tax purposes.

You may also print out a form from Brown's website to mail directly to the gifts office, and if you're mailing anyway... we'd love to hear from you!

If you have questions, please contact the BOLT Managers or Shelley Adriance, Associate Director for Leadership Development, in Student Activities.