Financial Assistance

  Available Funding  

BOLT operates primarily on raised funds, and the leaders within the program engage in fundraising efforts, such as our two-day phone-a-thon, each year in order to cover our operating costs as well as be able to offer financial assistance.

Through the generous gifts of parents and alums, we are able to offer assistance to students that need it.

We appreciate the support that our participants are able to provide towards the annual fall trip and our on-campus events and training program. Without your help, we could not cover the operational costs for the program.

In early-mid June each year, we determine the amount of funding available for financial assistance to share across the requests we receive.

  Cost Info  

The cost for participation is $390, with a deposit/downpayment of $40 being paid upfront to hold your spot.

We are collecting $40 deposits are our Pre-summer meeting on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 1-3pm in BERT - Carmichael Hall.

Please email me if you are unable to provide us with a deposit at our pre-summer meeting.


Summer process for our new fall transfer and RUE students:
For our brand new transfer and RUE students apply over the summer, we will provide you with information for payment deadlines.


I look forward to more conversation this summer,

Shelley Adriance