Interviews are required of all leader applicants.

All BOLT leader applicants meet with two current BOLT mentors for an interview in January. These meetings are informal, but quite important to the application process. Mentors ask a variety of questions about applicants' interest in BOLT, background in leadership and facilitation, and personal strengths and talents. Applicants are given time to discuss their questions and concerns about BOLT leadership training and Fall Program. At the end of each interview, applicants are asked to give a 5 minute lesson on a topic of their choice.

We recommend that applicants thoroughly review the information available on our website about the program. Our site offers a great deal of information regarding our history, philosophy, values, training, and the fall program calendar that can help you with considering a leader position within the program.

In your interview you can expect the following:

  1. You will meet with two interviewers who are current BOLT mentors.
  2. Your interviewers will be prepared to meet with you for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Their goal will be to learn more about you as an applicant for a leader position.
  4. You can expect questions about the following topic areas: leadership, team work, ability to contribute to a positive group dynamic, communication skills, problem-solving skills, conflict management skills, ability to work within diverse groups for teamwork and to serve as a facilitator/leader for a group, group awareness and facilitiation skills and lastly, do you have the availability to commit to training in the spring and fall and to serving as a mentor to a group of BOLTers in the fall.
  5. At the end of each interview, applicants are asked to give a 5 minute lesson on a topic of their choice.


Tips for your 5-minute lesson:

  1. Pick something that you would enjoy teaching that is interactive (we are an experiential program).
  2. Make sure it is complex enough for you to show your teaching abilities, but simple enough to last only 5 minutes. (Please no knots or origami as they have been overdone. It does not need to be exotic. We have had people teach interviewers how to make a fantastic PB&J.)
  3. Be prepared to teach both of your interviewers.
  4. Practice giving your lesson beforehand.
  5. Be engaging and interactive.

If you have any questions about interviews, please feel free to email the BOLT managers.