Leader's Page for Info and Forms

Required for participation as a Leader or Mentor

Position Descriptions

  1. Leaders
  2. Managers (summer and academic year)
  3. Basecamp Coordinator aka Captain
  4. Basecamp Volunteer Description


Forms -- completed in the week prior to first training for leaders

  1. Leader Intro Meeting Form
  2. Medical Form
  3. Supplemental/Updates Med Form (completed before Trips)
  4. Release and Waiver Form
  5. Policy Acknowledgement Form
  6. **Dietary Accomodations: We must submit a formal request/form (Catering Event – Guest Allergen Form) to catering for each guest requiring a meal accommodation at our BOLT Banquet. These are due not later than a week prior to the trip.


Certification Course Provider for BOLT -- see leader training calendar for more specific info

  1. SOLO (Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities) - Wilderness Medicine, Outdoor Leadership and Rescue School. Located in Conway, NH. Certify BOLT leaders in American Red Cross Heartsaver plus CPR, Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder.



  • Leaders are required to complete a “pre-site trip” between their last final and no later than early August to support our risk management efforts and accreditation standards related to leader experience with the route and the terrain.   

  1. Pre-site Information
  2. Pre-site Planning
  3. Pre-site Timeline
  4. Gear List - August Trip
  5. Leader Use of BOLT Gear Policy


Training Trip Preparation

  1. Cold Weather Camping Tips
  2. Gear List - Training Trip


Training Related Evaluations

  1. Leader Self-Eval
  2. Home Group Leader Eval - Pre TT
  3. Mentor Eval for Leaders -post TT


Training Materials

  1. Leader Handbook 2014
  2. Leave No Trace (LNT) - All BOLT leaders receive LNT training


Trip Facilitation Related Materials and Readings

  1. Gear List - August Trip
  2. BOLTer Curriculm
  3. Ways to Address Leadership Topics on a BOLT Trip
  4. Unpacking Leadership
  5. The Leadership Compass (NSEW) Handout
  6. Expedition Behavior - The Finer Points by Howard Tomb
  7. I Can Sleep Through a Storm by an author unknown


For Volunteer Drivers

    1. Driver History and Vehicle Form (required of all drivers for BOLT Trips and Retreats)
    2. Transportation Policy (BOLT Drivers sign up for approval to drive rental vans. Also print a copy of the University's policies, please, for your review and to place in your vehicle.)
    3. Driver Review - for driving rental vans


Other Links and Resources for Leaders

      1. BOLT Songs
      2. Trip Planning Related Sites
      3. Job Searching
      4. Graduate Programs in Outdoor Education



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