What does it mean to be a Mentor?

Mentoring with BOLT offers former leaders a way to remain involved in the BOLT community and simultaneously strengthen their leadership skills. A BOLT mentor is a former leader who has volunteered to instruct a small group of new BOLT leaders in technical and group facilitation skills throughout the spring semester.

Former BOLT leaders can choose to participate in trainings as full-time or part-time mentors. A full-time mentor commits to attending each Wednesday leader training and working with a second mentor partner as the leader of a home-group, or small group of new leaders. A part-time mentor is not required to attend trainings, and participates in the trainings for which he or she is available.

Both part-time and full-time mentors have the opportunity to lead a spring training trip for new BOLT leaders. Typically held the week following spring break, the spring training trip is a five-day backpacking trip in the Delaware Water Gap, NJ. For mentors, leading a trip is a way to continue to practice the leadership skills developed during their BOLT trainings and form another BOLT community.

During the fall semester, mentors can also give their feedback on the BOLT program through steering committee meetings. Click here to learn more about steering committee.

Being a mentor requires no formal application. To become a mentor, attend the first BOLT training session on Wednesday, February 23rd.

Base Camp

Whether or not they have mentored in previous semesters, former BOLT leaders are invited to attend base camp during both the spring training trip and the fall BOLT trip. Base camp participants stay at a single campsite throughout the trips, available in case of any emergency problems. Each year, base camp-ers are an integral feature of the trips, providing anything from urgent medical care to forgotten cookware. Whether or not BOLT has remained a part of your life following your time as a BOLT leader, come out to base camp- we'd love to have you!