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Community Harvest

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We support local farmers as much as possible...the major produce items purchased locally and in season are apples, potatoes, green peppers, summer squash, zucchini, butternut squash, tomatoes, and corn.

-- George Forte, Community Fruitland

The Community Harvest program began in September 2002 as an initiative to increase Brown’s support of food producers in the Rhode Island region. Community Harvest is committed to strengthening the local food system through educational programs and special events, as well as by providing a large-scale, steady purchaser for local farms. Since the program began, we have helped run a farmers’ market on campus; coordinate an annual Local Food Forum, Corn Shuck-Off, and Local Dinner; and purchase tons of local products to serve and sell on Brown’s campus. In addition, Community Harvest works with students and student groups to help organize Harvest Crews, Farm Tours, and other student initiatives focused on developing a strong local food system.
  • Mission
  • Community Harvest of Brown Dining represents our commitment to socially and environmentally sustainable purchasing practices.
  • Vision
  • Community Harvest will maintain existing and develop new relationships with farmers, thereby providing them with greater economic stability.
  • Community Harvest will not limit itself to Rhode Island farmers, but will also look to small, sustainable farms nation-wide for goods that cannot be produced in Rhode Island. Local farms will be given partiality over more distant farms, but sustainability will also be taken into account.
  • Community Harvest will, through local and sustainable purchasing practices, provide students with better-tasting, more-nutritious food options.
  • Goals
  • Increase student awareness through a variety of outreach methods, including Mini-Specials, special events, Harvest Crews, Farm Tours, and Farmers' Markets.
  • Improve the conditions that small, local farmers face each day by providing them with a significant, and permanent, customer dedicated to helping in any way possible to preserve the farmer's way of life.
  • Decreasing Brown University's adverse effects on the environment, both locally and globally, through the purchase of more local, sustainable food.
  • Provide fresher and healthier options for Brown Dining's customers through purchasing a variety of local foods, including several from each food group, from local producers.
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