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The vibrant, friendly, and diverse Greek community at Brown includes ten officially chartered Greek Houses, each with their own unique traditions and culture. These houses range from around thirty to nearly eighty members and although each house maintains it’s own mission and identity, they all come together to make Wriston Quad one of the most active and engaging parts of campus.

Who We Are:

Brown houses chapters from eight national Greek organizations as well as two uniquely Brunonian institutions. Of these ten houses, six are all-male fraternities,two are female-only sororities and two are co-ed.

Our diverse community includes USC and UFB executives; TAs and Meiklejohns for nearly every department; athletes from nearly every varsity and club team; members of the EMT, CIS, and BUDS staffs; founders of dozens of student groups and philanthropies; and everything in between.

If you’re a current undergrad, chances are you interact with Greeks every day.

More importantly, we are an incredibly welcoming and fun-loving group. It’s the great times shared with close friends that motivate members to first go Greek and its the incredibly strong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood forged through years of camaraderie that bring Greeks back as alumni well into their adult lives.

It would be impossible to truly define or describe this incredibly diverse group of individuals so I urge you to stop by Wriston and see for yourself, you might find that you never want to leave.

What We Do:

Greek houses at Brown are incredibly social, academic, and philanthropic.

On any given weekend in the Fall, you’re sure to find a great party in one of the Wriston lounges or a barbeque on one of the spacious porches ringing the quad. From Thete’s ‘80’s party’ to AEPi’s ‘Wriston Rising,’ from Zete’s Open Mic nights to ADPhi’s ‘High Tea,’ there is always something going on to cater to the broad interests of Brown students. To see what’s happening now, click here to link to our calendar of events page.

Greek life is much more than simply a social commitment. Many Greek houses have elected academic officers ad study hours set aside each week to encourage scholarly excellence. Our Phi-Psi chapter has maintained the highest GPA in their national fraternity for many years and many of our members graduate with honors each year or continue on to prestigious graduate programs and fellowships. Houses encourage interaction with faculty through open activities like AXO’s ‘Apple Pie with Alpha Chi,’ which brings faculty and students together in a relaxed setting.

Community service is a major Greek responsibility and our houses contribute a tremendous portion of time, energy and enthusiasm to philanthropic efforts. The Greek community raises over fifty thousand dollars each year for dozens of different charitable efforts. Houses sponsor teams for Bench Press for Cancer, Relay for Life, and Dash for Diabetes; run furniture and fridge sales; and host date auctions, fashion shows, and basketball tournaments. In addition to fundraising, houses are involved in various tutoring programs such as Big Brothers of Rhode Island; sponsor activist and campus awareness initiatives such as Victims of Domestic Violence Week; and volunteer with local retirement homes and environmental protection groups. To see a list of current philanthropic connections, click here.

The entire community comes together to support the houses various initiative and to sponsor two major Greek-wide community service efforts. In the Fall, Wriston Quad plays host to hundreds of trick-or-treating elementary schoolers from South Providence during Halloween on Wriston. And throughout the Spring, houses collect donations for ‘Pennies for Patients.’

Greeks also spend the year competing for the Greek Cup, which is awarded in the Spring to the house that accumulates the most points throughout the year. These points are handed out for collaborative involvement between houses and as prizes for various competitions. The wining house not only has their victory immortalized on a statue in the center of Wriston quad, but is also awarded a donation to the charity of their choice. To see the current Greek cup standings or to see more information on how to donate to the Greek Cup Fund, click here.

Where we live:

Brown Greek organizations are lucky to have housing provided through the university and each chapter is given access to a special portion of one of the Wriston dorms. These housing arrangements give us a great deal of autonomy and ownership over our common spaces while keeping us close to our non-Greek peers.

And no place is more fun to live than the center of campus, on the front steps of the main dining hall. When the weather’s nice, you’ll be sure to find Greeks throwing a football or studying on the lawn. When there’s snow, Wriston is frequently used for snow football. And it’s also is the perfect place for Sigma Chi’s annual spring weekend Slip-n-Slide.

Wriston housing includes doubles and singles along with a large lounge space, a library, a kitchen, and multi-purpose basement rooms. Each building is split into at least two groups, creating opportunity for collaboration as well as some friendly rivalry.

Even if you don’t have the good fortune to live on Wriston, you’re always welcome to stop by and partake in the fun.

Want to know more?

Check out the recruitment section or the individual house pages to find out how you can become a part of our community.

To see what's happening on campus now, check out the news feed or calendar.

And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.