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Delta Phi at Brown is the oldest chapter in the oldest continuing national fraternity in the country. As such, we have a great tradition to uphold that stretches back nearly 200 years. We believe firmly that the college fraternity is an intimate, personal experience best shared amongst the closest of friends. D-Phi also has a deserved reputation for being an extremely close-knit, socially-oriented house, whose diversity is reflected in the collection of successful athletes, scholars, and leaders in the Brown community that are our members. Not only are our parties among the best on campus, but we also are active in a variety of community service pursuits, most recently including a mentoring program at a Providence inner city high school. But the most important thing Delta Phi offers are friendships that will last a lifetime. We hope you will stop by at one of our parties or open houses to meet the brothers who define what Delta Phi is today. Semper Ubique!




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April 20, 2011 - 10:34am
Brown University, Delta Phi, Kappa Alpha Theta

Greeks gathered Tuesday night at MacMillian for a competition of wits. Organized by Greek Council's Sophomores- at- Large, the competition featured representatives from seven houses in addition to an overwhelming amount of food like pizza, cookies, and wings. With four rounds of...

February 3, 2011 - 1:40pm
Delta Phi

 JD Ardell '13, COE-Business Economics concentrator, Delta Phi


What else are you involved in around campus?
I'm also involved in Men's Golf, Big Brothers of Rhode Island, Vartan Gregorian Student Mentoring, Meiklejohn, and Brown Investment Group.
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