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What's Recruitment?

So you want to know how Recruitment works...

Recruitment begins at the beginning of the Spring semester and runs for five weeks. During this time, each house throws various events (view schedule) as an opportunity for you to come and meet them. Often times, they are themed events with food. Recruitment events are dry, although only during the 8-10pm period. Use this five-week period to get to know a few of the brothers and sisters and enjoy their company.

Nearing the end of this five-week period, all the houses that are interested in you will offer you a Bid to their house. There is no limit to how many bids you can receive, nor are you in any way obligated to accept any of these bids. However, you can only accept one bid max.

At the end of this process, if you wish to join a house, you must bring the UNSIGNED bid card to the specified location during a certain time period (more information will be posted as the date comes up). You then sign the bid card of the house you wish to join with the GC as witnesses, and at that point you've become a part of that house!

And then pledging begins...