Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I enter the Housing Lottery if I decide to join a Greek House?

No.  The deadline to decide to join any program house at Brown, including Greek houses, comes before the lottery.  By joining a Greek house you pull yourself out of the lottery and get assigned housing on Wriston in the house you join.

Do Fraternities Haze?

No. Brown takes hazing very seriously and consistently works with the various houses to make sure that hazing never becomes an issue.

Is going Greek a major time commitment?

Yes. While different members maintain different levels of involvement with their houses, everyone is expected to contribute in some ways to their chapter.

The best thing you can do is to talk to a number of different members to get a feel for how they spend their time.

Are dues expensive?

Going Greek at Brown does not mean changing your housing or dining plans, so most chapters are able to maintain very low dues relative to other universities. However, expenses still range from house to house.

Be sure to ask about dues before you choose to join. Most houses have payment plans or scholarships available for members with exceptional need, so you should not let dues stand between you and joining.