The Recruitment Process

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Recruitment at Brown starts at the beginning of the SPRING semester and some houses choose to also rush upper class-men in the FALL.

STEP 1: Check out the Houses

Take a look at each of Brown's 10 Greek Houses on our website, or stop by and talk with a few current members and see which chapters interest you.

STEP 2: Recruitment!

You’re always welcome and encouraged to stop by any of the houses or events throughout the year. But, from the end of January through the beginning of March, each chapter sponsors a number of open events designed specifically for rushes to get to know its members and learn more about the process of joining.

Take a look at the Recruitment calendar or schedule to see when each house is holding events.

STEP 3: Bidding

Houses hand out bids at the end of the rush period. Each group has different methods for choosing who to bid, and some rushes may be bid by more than one house.

If you’d like to join a house, the best thing to do is to make friends and express your interest as these are typically the key elements in making bidding decisions.

STEP 4: Signing the Bid

Once you’ve received a bid, you have a few days to make a final decision on whether or not to join. During this time, be sure to ask any questions you may have and make sure greek life is right for you.

If you do choose to join, you must bring your unsigned blue bid card in to South Wayland Lounge during the assigned bid card turn-in nights.  We'll keep you updated about the dates and times in the Spring. 

By turning in your bid card, you are committing to forgo the Brown housing lottery to live in the Greek house that you are joining.  This card official removes you from the brown housing lottery. make sure you have discussed housing with the house you are bidding before turning it in.

STEP 5: Pledging and New Member Education

The pledging process typically begins immediately following bid card turn-in. Some houses complete pledging in the Spring, while others continue pledging through the following Fall.

While each house maintains its own secretive rituals and traditions of pledging, Brown and Greek Council explicitly forbid any house from hazing.

The weekend following bid card turn-in also includes ‘New Member Education,’ a mandatory training session hosted by Greek Council. This seminar introduces new members to critical information about greek life and brings the required Social Management and Sexual Assualt Prevention sessions into one concise course specifically tailored for Greeks.


Brown Panhellenic Spring Recruitment

The recruitment process for sororities is managed the Brown's Panhellenic Council. Like the recruitment for co-eds and fraternities, the process is built for you to get to know the members of each house and make an educated decision about which house is best for you. The bidding and bid acceptance process is the same for sororities as all Greek houses, however, there are a few differences in recruitment. Check out the details below! For updates on the Spring 2012 Brown Panhellenic Recruitment, visit their facebook page here or email them at


Attend the Recruitment Kick-off

To go through the recruitment process, it is *mandatory* that you attend the Recruitment Kick-off and at least one formal party at each house (formal party nights are denoted with a ***). The Recruitment Kick-off is your first opportunity during Formal Recruitment to get to know the girls from both houses and to learn some of the rules of recruitment.

Info Session

The optional Info Session will provide you with more specific information on how the recruitment process works and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before the first formal parties.

Get to know your Phi Rho Chis

Before the first party of each formal night, two Phi Rho Chi (designated recruitment assistants) will be waiting at Wayland Arch to help you find your way to the parties. They will also be available to answer questions about the recruitment process.