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Recruitment '13 is about to begin!

Stay tuned as  we update the schedule below for the spring.

Recruitment officially begins January 28th, 2013!


Panhellenic Events:

Feb 3rd - 1-2:30pm Recrutiment Kick-off in Petteruti Lounge

Feb 3rd- 2:30-3:30pm Info Session in Petteruti Lounge

Alpha Chi Omega

Feb 5th - 8pm - *Lyres, Pearls, and Alpha Chi Girls
Feb 6th -  Informal Event
Feb 7th -9pm - *Love Shouldn't Hurt
Feb 9th - Informal Event  

Feb 11th -8pm - *Alpha Chai Omega

Feb 13th - 9pm - Preference Party

Alpha Delta Phi

Jan 28th - 8pm - Fondue Night
Feb 4th - 8pm - Disney Sing Along and Cocoa
Feb 11th - 8pm - Game Night

Alpha Epsilon Pi

Jan 29th - 8pm-10pm - Open House 

Delta Phi

Feb 21st - 8pm - Open House
Feb 22nd - 8pm - Open House

Delta Tau

Feb 7th - 8pm - Open House
Feb 20th - 8pm - Open House

Kappa Alpha Theta

Feb 5th - 9pm - *Theta Royale
Feb 6th - 6:30pm-7:30pm - Informal Event at Jo's
Feb 7th - 8pm - *Mi CASA Es Su CASA
Feb 9th - 2pm-3pm - Informal Event at the Blue Room

Feb 11th - 9pm - *Midnight in Theta
Feb 13th - 8pm - Preference Party

Phi Kappa Psi

Jan 31st - 8pm-10pm - Open House
Feb 3rd - 6pm - Super Bowl Open House
Feb 12th - 8pm - Open House
Feb 20th - 7pm- Open House

Sigma Chi

Feb 5th - 8pm - Open House
Feb 13th - 8pm - Open House

Theta Delta Chi

Jan 30th - 8pm-10pm - Open House

Feb 3rd - 8pm - Super Bowl Open House

Zeta Delta Xi

Jan 30th - 8pm-10pm - Latin Night
Feb 7th - 8pm - Southern Night 

Click Here to view the schedule in calendar format.