Why Join a Greek House

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The result of fraternity and sorority membership: a bond that transcends time and space- a friendship that lasts a life time. A fundamental principle of every fraternity and sorority chapter is friendship: a brotherhood or sisterhood that one shares through the good times and provides support during the difficult challenges that come with being a college student. The fraternity and sorority chapter provides opportunities for members to periodically assemble and renew those bonds of friendship: Homecoming, Alumni weekends, newsletters, a chapter web page, and athletic events. Many national chapters have alumni chapters in major urban areas, where alumni/ae from various chapters can continue to create new bonds of friendship.

Career Networking:

The fraternity and sorority experience is not limited to college years, but continues through adulthood. Greek alumni associations are available across the country and the opportunities are endless for career connections.

The Greek Tradition

Since the founding of the first Fraternity at Brown in 1836, Fraternities and Sororities have been dedicated to promoting friendship and personal development, academic excellence, leadership skills, community interactions, and individual responsibility. Reacting to the various needs of campus life, Greek Houses offer a supportive environment for an individual to experience growth and success.

Leadership Opportunities

The Greek system at Brown encourages students to develop as individuals and leaders. Greek letter societies naturally attract many active students: members of the student government, athletics teams, residential counselors, and participants in other clubs and organizations. However, those who tend to shy away from such positions are just as likely to emerge as leaders in the Greek system. Leadership starts in the house itself, where self-governance is more than an abstract idea. Houses elect officers to organize events, plan activities and community service, maintain connections with their alumni, manage finances, and much more.

Living in a Greek Community

Most members of Fraternities or Sororities live together in houses designated by the University. These buildings are situated near each other on Wriston Quadrangle. This proximity helps us build a strong community together. It allows different groups to live together and experience a familiar atmosphere. Most houses have access to a kitchen, study area, and private lounge where they can hold events throughout the year. Advantages to living as part of the Greek community are vast: many groups of friends can live together, broadening the number of connections within the greater Brown community.

Academic Commitments and Commitment to Others

Brown students honor academic excellence, which the Greek environment nourishes and promotes. Greek houses expect you to maintain your grades. Members hold study groups for exams and projects, tutor one another in numerous areas of study, as well as benefit from the wide range of academic experience that each individual contributes to the group.

The Tradition of Community Service

Community service is central to the mission of every Greek letter organization. Individuals and teams of houses work on behalf of projects in Providence such as the Mount Hope Learning Center, Habitat for Humanity, the Tomorrow Fund, Providence Science Community Outreach, the Boys and Girls Club, Fox Point School, Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro Children's Hospital, and Providence Summerbridge. As a Group, Greeks organize and provide volunteers for Blood Drives, Food Bank Collections, Walks for Breast Cancer Research, as well as Brown Community Outreach Day. Serving Providence requires a tightly knit group of people who work well together and are committed to getting things done. These accomplishments are the Greek system's proudest achievement.

Greek Social Life

It should not go unnoticed that the members of the Greek system enjoy having a great time. On weeknights, houses frequently sponsor study breaks in their lounges for all interested students and faculty. On the weekends, most houses have their own parties, barbecues, tailgates, semi-formals and formals, and campus-wide parties. In addition to individual houses' social calendars, the Greek community as a whole plans such events as College Hill Kickoff, Greek Week, Spring Weekend concerts on Wriston, and sponsors campus-wide events, including parties, famous speakers, and discussion forums. After you've gone to a few of these events, you'll realize just how many different types of people you've met.

Is Greek Life for you? As with most things in life, first-hand experience is the best way to find out. Although the path to joining a Fraternity or Sorority officially starts with Formal Rush, each House holds many different types of events throughout the entire year to get new, interested students familiar with Greek life. Don't be afraid to approach a Brother or Sister with questions you might have - they've been here before, and will be happy to tell you about their experiences.