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Message from the Deans

Throughout this Student Rights and Responsibilities web site, you will find information about the Brown community's expectations regarding the behavior of its members. The Principles of the Brown University Community articulate four main values upon which our policies and regulations are based: individual integrity, respect for others, respect for University resources, and respect for the values of teaching, learning, and scholarship. We believe that adherence to these principles supports the overall academic mission of the University. Violations of these principles are handled through the Student Conduct Procedures and the guidelines governing the Academic Code, which are designed to address behaviors that impede the educational activity of the University or that infringe upon the rights of others.

Brown strives to sustain a learning environment that supports individual exploration, creativity, and accomplishment and that promotes and protects the free exchange of ideas. Your familiarity with the information on these web pages will allow you to participate fully in Brown's learning environment. If you have any questions about the content of these web pages or the expectations of Brown students, please contact us at the Office of Student Life.