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Complaints/Reports of Information

Filing a Complaint.  Members of the University community may file written complaints and reports of information that allege violations of the Code of Student Conduct with the Office of Student Life. Written complaints may be submitted in person or online. If submitted in person, written complaints must be submitted to the Office of Student Life located at 20 Benevolent Street and must be accompanied by a signed Campus Incident Complaint Form. Campus Incident Complaint Forms are available at the Office of Student Life. If submitted online, complaints must be submitted using a Brown University user ID at

When a complaint or report of information is filed more than sixty (60) days after the alleged incident, the Senior Associate Dean for Student Life will determine whether circumstances support a late filing of charges.  The complaint needs to include, in writing, the name(s) of all witnesses or others who may have information concerning the alleged offense(s).  Matters that may result in a sanction of suspension or above will follow the following process.

a. The respondent(s) will receive notice of the receipt of a complaint/information regarding the allegations and the corresponding offenses, and that an investigation is underway.

b. The complaining witness and the respondent will have the responsibility to provide the names of witnesses.

c. The respondent will have the right to prepare a written statement and to have an advisor.

d. A case administrator will forward relevant case materials to the Senior Associate Dean for Student Life who will determine whether or not there is a reasonable basis to file charges.  If it is determined that charges will be filed, the Senior Associate Dean for Student Life will refer the matter to the appropriate hearing venue.

2. Non-disciplinary Referrals.  If it is determined that a hearing is not necessary, the matter may be referred to mediation, counseling, alcohol/drug education, etc.

3. Withdrawing Charges.  The Senior Associate Dean for Student Life has the authority to withdraw charges once they have been made.