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Student Organization Hearings

The Senior Associate Dean for Student Life may refer matters involving allegations of violations of the Code of Student Conduct by student organizations to deans and directors of the University or to a panel of the Student Conduct Board for a hearing.  Additionally, allegations made against individual members of a student organization may be referred to a hearing officer or body.

Procedure.  The case administrator will notify, in writing, the president (or other responsible student) of the student organization of the allegation(s).  The student organization has the opportunity to prepare a response and to be heard regarding the allegations.  The hearing officer determines the structure of the hearing, in accordance with the basic rights afforded to students (see “Student Rights and Responsibilities”) and decides if the student organization is responsible for violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct.

Sanctions. If the student organization is found responsible, the hearing officer will impose a sanction up to probation for three (3) semesters and any accompanying terms (see “Accompanying Terms for Sanctions”), which may include, but are not limited to:

a.   Community restitution.

b.   Suspension of social privileges, which is the loss of all or partial social function privileges for a defined or indefinite period of time.

c.    Loss of University privileges and services for a defined or indefinite period of time (e.g., loss of space reservation privileges).

d.   Loss of recognition by the University of the organization for a defined or indefinite period of time.

  1. Loss of housing and residential space for a defined or indefinite period of time.