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Off-Campus Housing Information

Brown University is a residential campus and all students are required to live on campus unless given written permission to live off campus. Both on campus housing and off-campus permission are given on a seniority/priority basis (see Residence Requirements).

Off- campus students are assessed a yearly non-resident fee to underwrite the cost of services provided. Off- campus students are expected to keep the Residential Life Office informed of their local addresses for directory purposes. It is a University requirement to provide local address and phone number. Failure to comply may impact your class registration for the fall semester.

If you are living off campus, be sure to pick up a copy of the Off- Campus Information Booklet at the Rental Facilities Office, 143 South Wayland House. This booklet offers valuable information about rent prices, leases and an explanation of certain characteristics of the neighborhoods.

Undergraduates have been living off-campus for many years and our neighbors, many of whom are Brown faculty, staff, and alumni, have traditionally enjoyed a positive relationship with students. Established neighborhoods depend upon a sense of order and stability for those who live there permanently. Students are often viewed as transients but the quality of life for all residents of a neighborhood can be greatly influenced by the style of living and sense of citizenship exercised by student residents. When students take their neighbors seriously and regard them with respect, this attitude is usually returned in kind and makes the area a more pleasant place to live for everyone.

The university reserves the right to deny an application for off campus permission to a student who has a record of a violation of the student disciplinary code or other university rules and regulations.

Noise. The City of Providence has a Noise Ordinance. The Providence Police and Brown University Police enforce the law and will respond to complaints from your neighbors. Families living in the neighborhoods around our campus have a right to enjoy a reasonable level of peace and quiet. Students' schedules and the schedules of families with young children sometimes come into conflict. The Offices of Residential Life and Student Life expect that Brown University students will exercise good judgment and be sensitive to the needs of our neighbors and friends.

Parties. Contrary to popular belief our East Side neighbors are not against parties. What they are "against" is late night rowdiness, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and large groups of people partying outside with loud amplified music late into the night.

Off campus parties are becoming increasingly popular but party hosts are putting themselves in jeopardy when their guests act irresponsibly. You assume all the risks associated with state and city laws regulating drinking age, noise ordinances, and public safety when you sponsor a party at your off-campus apartment. As a Brown University student you are potentially placing yourself in "double jeopardy" because the University's Student Conduct system will also be utilized by the Student Life Office if a serious incident occurs off campus.

When students do not think of others living around them, they create major problems for themselves as well as for their neighbors. Brown Police will respond to any complaints from our neighbors and disciplinary action will follow.

You should be aware that living off campus does not alter your responsibility as a member of the Brown community. In their off-campus lives, students are expected to conform to the standards of community behavior as expressed in the Principles of the Brown University Community and the Standards of Student Conduct. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of off-campus residential privileges or in withdrawal of the privilege of enrollment by the University.

Recycling. The City of Providence recycles and you've probably seen the "blue bins" on the sidewalk. Your landlord must provide each apartment unit with one blue bin for recycling materials (glass, plastic containers, aluminum cans and newspaper). This is of course not only a good cause, but also a global issue to which the University is committed. Your participation in recycling both on and off campus is extremely important.

Trash. As a tenant you are responsible for putting out your trash. Most of the East Side has trash pickup on Monday. If you aren't sure about which day trash is picked up on your block, check with your landlord. Oftentimes trash is put out over the weekend causing an unnecessary eyesore and nuisance. City Ordinance stipulates that trash cannot be put out before dusk on the day preceding pickup. Please be considerate of others and don't put out your trash until the night before pickup.