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No Contact Orders (Or No Communication Orders)

No Contact Orders are temporary directives issued by the Office of Student Life prohibitingcommunication between or among designated students.  No Contact Orders (NCOs) are issued when, in the judgment of a Student Life dean, there is reason to believe that an order would be in the best interest of all parties and the community for promoting peace and civility.  NCO's do not become part of a student's conduct record unless he or she violates the order as determined by the student conduct system.  NCO's prohibit all forms of communication between designated students, direct or indirect, written, electronic or through a third party.  The duration of a NCO is determined by the Office of Student Life, and students may request to have a NCO lifted after an appropriate sustained period of compliance.

No Contact Orders are not similar to court imposed restraining orders and do not guarantee that designated parties will avoid sightings or passing interactions on the campus or local community.  In some circumstances, a No Contact Order may restrict a student from parts of the campus where he/she would not have to engage in required academic activities. Students who are concerned about personal safety should contact the Department of Public Safety or local police.  Students who have questions about NCO's may speak with an Office of Student Life Student Conduct Dean during business hours or with an Administrator On-Call during evenings and weekends.