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dorm tours

General Information.

In the time before the lottery, ResCouncil offers dorm tours to interested students. These tours give you a chance to have a look inside residence halls you are considering living in. On the tour, you will be able to ask your guide to show you specific rooms within those halls.

The dates and times for this year's dorm tours may be found below. Tours leaving from Wayland Arch generally cover Main Campus, East Campus, Wriston, and Keeney. Tours leaving from Mochamp Arch typically cover Pembroke and the North.

Tours Dates and Times

The following tours take place before the first night of the lottery, and are designed to give rising juniors and seniors a chance to look at available housing on campus.

Time and Location of Tour

Fri. 4/6/12

2pm — tours leave from Wayland Arch

Sun. 4/8/12 3pm — tours leave from Wayland Arch
Sat.4/14/12 12pm — tours leave from Wayland Arch