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ResCouncil is pleased to announce a new partnership with BUMP, the Brown University Mediation Project. BUMP is offering its conflict resolution services to any groups that may need them over the course of the lottery process. Read on for more information about what they offer and how to get in touch with them.

Services Offered.

The Brown University Mediation Project offers free and confidential mediation and conflict coaching services to the Brown Community. BUMP’s mediators are members of the Brown Community who have undergone a minimum of 30 hours of professional training.

Mediation is a voluntary process of conflict resolution in which a neutral third party mediator facilitates dialogue between the parties in conflict to clarify issues and goals, and try to reach an agreement that can be a win-win for the parties involved.

Conflict coaching is a useful resource for members of the Brown Community wishing to consult one-on-one with one of BUMP’s mediators for advice and skills on how to deal with a conflict.

We are here to help you address roommate issues, group project problems, housing drama, and more!

More Information.

If you, or someone you know, are considering mediation or conflict coaching, or if you would like to find out more about BUMP and the services it offers, email bump@brown.edu, visit our website, or come to our weekly office hours:

Wednesdays 4-6 pm
Faunce House / Robert Campus Center 225

Thursday 8-10 pm
Faunce House / Robert Campus Center 327




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