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gender-neutral housing


Some housing is designated as “gender-neutral optional,” which means that either a single-gender group or a mixed-gender group may select those rooms, suites, or apartments. The selection of gender-neutral-optional units is by student choice only. You will never be assigned to a gender-neutral living situation without your express consent.


The following housing is designated as gender-neutral-optional:

All suites and apartments in Young Orchard, 315 Thayer st, Vartan Gregorian Quad, Wriston Quad, Barbour Hall Apartments, and the Graduate Center towers.

Minden suites (i.e. sets of rooms with independent access to the hallway; excludes multi-room triples).

Double rooms in Marcy House, Goddard House, Harkness House, Caswell Hall, Hope College, Littlefield Hall, New Pembroke No. 1, New Pembroke No. 2, New Pembroke No. 3, and New Pembroke No. 4.

All rooms in Hegeman C and Hegeman D.


Single-use bathrooms that are designated gender-neutral are available in all suites that have bathrooms as well as in Goddard House, Sears House, Diman House, and Keeney Quad. Multi-use bathrooms that are designated gender-neutral are available in Keeney Quad and Wayland House.


Detailed policies regarding gender-neutral housing may be found here on the ResLife website.


If you have any questions about gender-neutral housing or gender-neutral bathrooms, please contact lottery@brown.edu or reslife@brown.edu.



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