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apartment/suite billing


Suites or apartments on campus that contain either a furnished common room or a kitchen, or both, are billed at the apartment/suite rate. For the 2010-2011 academic year, this was $1208 in addition to the regular room rate (or $604 more per semester).


The following is a summary of housing that is billed at the apartment/suite rate:

All suites and apartments in Barbour Hall Apartments and Vartan Gregorian Quad.

All fourth-floor suites in Wriston Quad dorms.

All apartments in Young Orchard.

The following individual suites or apartments: Barbour Hall 101, Barbour Hall 305, Grad Center B330, Grad Center C410A, Grad Center C410B, Miller Hall 105, Morriss Hall 120, Morriss Hall 201, Morriss Hall 301, and Morriss Hall 401

*Please note, this list may not be exhaustive, and no guarantee is made that these rooms will be offered in this year's lottery. For the official source for billing rates, please consult the list of Available Rooms on the Room Information page.

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