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Residential Council Minutes :: September 21, 1999

Present: Jeff Mizrahi, Jay Plansky, Sam Ginsberg, Leah Scherzer, Phil
Ugelow, Pamela Vasile, Jennifer Kraemer, Pat Robertson, Andrew Lom, Todd
Strochlic, Ross Lipsky, Dave Countryman, Dean Gallagher, Dean Desrochers,
Dean Eddy, Dean Forsberg

Absent: Lori Cole, Dave Pinkowitz (excused)

1. Request from Jay: Please contact your respective program houses to
introduce yourself and to explain your role as a liaison.

2. Prioritizing issues to discuss this semester:
i) Smoke-free housing
ii) New lottery system
iii) other issues - co-ed suites, housing over winter break, etc.

3. Discussion about smoke-free housing:
-Dean Gallagher explained the current smoking policy.
-Questions raised included:
Should there be more smoke-free housing available to freshmen and

Should the freshman housing questionaire be changed to include a question such as "Do you smoke?" and not "Do you want a non-smoking roommate?" How should a survey asking questions such as these be conducted? Would it even be useful since many people are not completely honest about their smoking habits?
-Nothing decided yet. This discussion will continue next week.

4. Next Meeting: Tues. Sept. 28 at noon in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned - 12:35 P.M.

Submitted by Todd Strochlic, Residential Council Secretary, '99-'00