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Residential Council Minutes :: October 5, 1999

Present: Jeff Mizrahi, Ross Lipsky, David Countryman, Sam Ginsberg, Leah Scherzer, Pam Vasile, Jennifer Kraemer, Lori Cole, Andrew Lom

Absent: Jason Plansky (excused), Todd Strochlic (excused), Phil Ugelow,
Pat Robertson, David Pinkowitz

I. Revision of Smoking Policy
a. The new policy will be handed out in the next week or two with
all of the correct revisions. We will then decide the best way to do the
actual survey

II. Lottery
a. The Council decided it was best to have the Lottery in the
Salomon Center this year.
b. We reduced the number of segments from 6 to 5, removing the special interest housing section and dispersing its contents throughout the other segments
c. We established tentative dates for the Lottery
d. 3/6 suites will be segment 2 and 5/7 will be segment 3

III. Consideration of Lottery Process Change:
a. Debbie Yi (UCS) explained her idea of re-assigning numbers to
every student after each segment.


a. Every segment is random
b. Is it more fair? Increased perception of fairness?
c. People will be happier?
d. People will not complain about being "screwed?"
e. Gives hope!


a. People might choose housing based on their "lucky" numbers
b. Hesitation, waiting out for a better number
c. You need lots of back-up ideas because groups will renegotiate quickly

Please discuss these points amongst your friends - we need as much feedback as possible in order to debate this issue on Tuesday---please remember that there is a meeting on Tuesday at 12 pm in Wayland

Submitted by Jeff Mizrahi