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Residential Council Minutes :: November 9, 1999

Present: Jeff Mizrahi, Jay Plansky, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Jennifer
Kraemer, Lori Cole, Leah Scherzer, Pamela Vasile, Todd Strochlic, Phil
Ugelow, Pat Robertson, Dean Eddy, Dean Forsberg

Absent: Dave Countryman, Sam Ginsberg, Dean Desrochers

1. Lottery:
- Segments will be held on Wednesday nights (location TBA).
- Revisions to Grapevine will be started soon.

2. Program House:
- Fall Review was held on Nov. 11 from 6-8 PM.

3. Policy:
- Long discussion about co-ed suites:
Leah did some research as to how other schools deal with filling vacancies in co-ed suites. Questions raised included:
- Should more suites be available for co-ed groups?
- If so, where? (New Dorm and the suites above Wriston dorms would be
ideal due to bathroom configuration.)
- Should these suites be designated co-ed only? If so, this creates the problem of giving preference to co-ed groups.
- Should all suites have the option of being co-ed?
- Why should any room or suite be designated as male/female? Doesn't this contradict the premise that the lottery is based on?

More discussion next week.

4. Next Meeting: Tues. Nov. 16th at noon in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned - 12:50 P.M.

Submitted by Todd Strochlic, Residential Council Secretary, '99-'00