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Residential Council Minutes :: February 15, 2000

Present: Jeff Mizrahi, Jay Plansky, Ross Lipsky, Leah Scherzer, Lori Cole,
Jennifer Kraemer, Todd Strochlic, Pat Robertson, Andrew Lom, Dean

Absent: Sam Ginsberg, Dean Eddy, Dean Forsberg

1. Lottery Stuff:
- Lip Sync Contest is this Thursday (Feb. 17th) at 8 PM in Salomon 101.
Be there; it'll be fun!
- Lottery info sessions: Tues. Feb. 15th at 8 PM in Arnold Lounge
Thurs. Feb. 17th at 10:30 PM in Arnold Lounge
- First segment of the lottery is Weds. March 1st at 6 PM in Sayles.
Please plan to show up and help out at 1 or 2 segments. Pizza and
soda beforehand courtesy of Res Life.

2. Policy Stuff:
- Still no word from UCS about new Res Council members.

3. Program House Stuff:
- Presentation by Community Service House: Please look over their
proposal because we need to discuss and vote on it at next week's
- Discussion and vote about Meditation House:
In favor: 8
Opposed: 0
Abstentions: 0

Recommendation to approve Meditation House with the following
1) revise constitution to include more concrete goals
2) identify a solid leadership structure (not just consensus)
3) devise a way for dealing with disciplinary and housing-related
4) confirm commitment from faculty advisor

4. Next Week's Meeting: THURSDAY, Feb. 24th at noon in South Wayland lounge

Meeting Adjourned - 12:50 P.M.

Submitted by Todd Strochlic, Residential Council Secretary, '99-'00