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Residential Council Minutes :: February 24, 2000

Present: Jeff, Ross, Leah, Jen, Lori, Donald, Andrew, Amy, Dean

Absent: Pat, Sam, Jay, Todd

1. Lottery Info:
Study Breaks:
Tonight, Feb 24th: 9:45pm, Emery Lounge
Thursday, Feb 26th: 9pm - South Wayland; 10pm - Appleget Lounge (Hope)

Sunday, Feb 27th: Barbour Apts - 1pm - Jen
Gregorian Quad (New Dorm) - 3pm - Jen

Sunday, March 5th: Hegeman - 1pm - Jeff/Andrew
Slater - 2pm - Jeff/Andrew
Grad Center - 3pm - Leah

Sunday, March 19th: Diman/Harkness - 1pm - Donald
Caswell - 2pm - Leah
Barbour - 3pm - Jen/Leah

We signed up for Lottery Segments as well :)

Community Service House (Sava House) - The council unofficially
recommended that we give them housing.